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So it has been a few days now since my first trip having a book table to promote my book. As I am unpacking my dirty laundry, I will attempt to unpack what the experience meant to me.

It was awkward. Going to a conference where I only new a few folks and not being a speaker of workshop leader, which I am more accustomed to, I felt out of place. The first one was a last minute opportunity and my book table was a last minute attachment at best. They were kind to let me set it up and I made a few sales but I didn’t know what to do with myself for the most part. The second conference I had a set up and a place for the books but it was definitely different. I was the only one promoting a book. Other displays were colleges and types of ministries. So initially I felt a bit square peg.

It was bonding. The few folks I did know I had the chance to make strong connections with. We caught up and talked about ways I can come to their part of the woods and speak about my book. Some talked of struggles and others talked of glory. New folks I got to talk with about the book were very interested in Grace and had writing ideas of their own. One gentleman, James Choung, spoke and led prayer in ways I thought only I did in the circle of Asian American churches. We shared a meal and found a kindred spirit between us.

It was weird. I reconnected with an acquaintance I haven’t seen in ten years names Stan Inouye who has a wife named Mary Jane and an adopted daughter named Joelle. His sister’s name is Arlene. MJ’s sister’s name is Eileen. I am stunned. I think I found my twin. Stan is about 5’4″. I am 6’2″.

It was fruitful. I didn’t sell as many books as I would have liked but as I said before, made good connections and strong possibilities for future partnership. Every person who took a book I asked to give me feedback. I hope to receive thoughtful and challenging (and encouraging) words from them.

Doing this thing of getting the book there is teaching me much, stretching me. I am learning to be bold and ask for opportunities. I am finding confidence in the Divine script that I and Resisting Grace are a part of.



Last Sunday we dedicated Resisting Grace at my home church for God’s glory and His Kingdom growth. As the pastor prayed, I was so moved and reminded that it is a object I am to steward. He prayed that the book would minister to those in need of grace (isn’t that everyone?) and that God would be honored. Sometimes I get too worried about results or the success of the book. It was a good place for me to place myself in surrender again as a living sacrifice.

Next week I will be in LA at the Asian American Intervarsity Staff conference. They will sell my book at the conference and I am looking forward to seeing some old friends there. Then I will have a booth at the Asian AMerican Leadership Conference and seek also to get the word out about Resisting Grace. I will have a video promo and a couple other videos that will be played at the booth.(you can see them on the resisting grace youtube channel-Draw on Me, Define Me, Silence) I am not speaking at these conferences, just representing. That’s a bit different for me.

Please pray that more and more people will get exposed to the book and that it will minister deeply.

Is that you? (yes but it is often mistaken for some body builder’s back. Ok, I lied, no one has made that mistake.)

The ball of light looks like Dragonball Z. (The light isn’t coming from my hands. It is breaking through the wall and I am attempting to resist it.)

Doesn’t Beyonce use that hand triangle sign? (that’s just how my broken down fingers form.)

That is your better side. (can’t argue with that.)

Did MJ (wife) make it? (it was my idea. My old friend Steve Hamada took the picture and made the light through the wall. My wife laid it all out.)

Are you getting your chi on? (no, I am desperating failing to let the light break in. I soon yield.)

What does it mean? (Simply that we resist the work of His grace seeking to breakthrough the walls of our resistance.)


For all you digital readers. Find it on Amazon.

I am building up steam setting appointments with church leaders and school professors to tell them about the book and ask for opportunities to speak. It gets a but overwhelming and it is by far a different gear than counseling or writing. My anxiety regarding failing raises it’s voice in my head. I try to ignore it, silence it but it still catches me off guard.

But God is faithful.
On 1/7/13 I put this on facebook:
The ups delivery man asked what were in the boxes that were so heavy. I told him books. He asked me what they were about and I told him briefly (my thirty second version) and gave him a copy. He goes on to tell me that his church often goes through books together and each member gets a book. He will read it, give it to his pastor and see if they might get some. He then tells me it is about 350 people. That’s a lot of books. I think God was trying to encourage me.

He reminds me it is all grace. I may fight the enemy but He defeats him. I may plant the seed but He grows them. I may knock on doors of churches and strategize my book promotions but He opens the doors.

So I continue to get the word out and trust Him for the results.

I starting the process of getting the news out about the book. Networking with pastors and people in ministry and telling friends and acquaintances along the way. I am making loose plans to travel, request opportunities to speak and come up with a general strategy for promoting the book.

It is a weird transition from writer to promoter. I wasn’t use to having authorship as part of my identity yet. I was a counselor, a teacher, a speaker. Then I had to put author in the mix. Now I have to sell that part of me. I am afraid of the process of getting the book out there. It is a bit embarrassing. But I push through it when I talk to those who know me and experienced the ministry I do. My strategy is to get those people to tell those others who I don’t know about me and Resisting Grace. Many believe in me and support me. For that, I am grateful.

I am particularly afraid of losing track of the various administering of networking and keeping accounts. It’s not my strength. I get more anxious sitting down and keeping accounts then I do sitting with someone struggling with anger or depression. I am afraid of making mistakes. In the past I always wanted to take a nap after trying to balance books or administrate paperwork. God give me grace.

And that is what the rising of fear is calling me to, a quest of grace. Seek first the kingdom of God and all His righteousness and all these things will be added onto you. I believe it and right now cling to the Lord of grace knowing His grace is sufficient, His power made perfect in my weakness.

I wanted to know His power in my life. So here I stand.

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Last night my family ceremoniously pressed the “publish book” button on Createspace and prayed for God’s hand upon it

It is officially out on
A long journey reaches it’s destination
All thanks to my Lord

I am humbly trembling


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