illuminating grace

face_on_hands_by_xbluenature-d5it3o4He works on defining us. We define ourselves through Him



Today, we stopped at the ceramic store to pick up this watering jar that my daughter and wife made together. When I saw it, I immediately fell in love with it. For it has so much significance to my belief that our God is intimately involved in my daughter’s life. Some of you have heard the story already but it is worth repeating.

When Joelle was only four I believe, we started practicing listening prayer. It was a simple exercise in which after reading scripture and talking to God in response to the text, we would stop and give God a chance to speak to us.then we would record whatever happened. Sometimes a simple words like be compassionate or He loves me she would hear. Other times an image would come to mind, like stars in the sky. We would keep a journal of these things.

One day Joelle told me these words God told her, I water you with my love for you are my flower. I still believe that was a spiritual landmark for the future of my daughter’s journey. The picture you see is of a water pitcher that my wife and Joelle designed. It is a great reminder for our family that God reaches in to speak, to move, to strengthen, to shape our lives.

Illuminating grace brings light to us in our darkness and provides hope. Such grace is given through creation, through the written word, through people and through the still small voice we hear in prayer. It is not always easy to hope, be it you are nine or ninety. We look back on His manifestations in our lives and that gives us a boost in our ability to trust His working in us today. My hope is that these words is exactly that for Joelle in whatever she faces ahead.

It is all a part of His working grace within us.

Has there been those moments you look back on to strengthen you trust?