November 2015

Baka: A Life Remade




today I’ve been feeling anxious, 
actually for a few weeks. 
the here and now is I am about to push the button and publish my second book. I also am coming to a cross-road of what is next for me regarding ministry and life. my daughter has entered junior high. enough said.

the core of where this comes from is, I believe, my fear of rejection and my need for approval – as an author, minister/mentor and as a dad.

the woundedness in me that inflames this relates to my father’s absence when I was a kid (he died when I was 10) and my mom’s detachment. I sought belonging through recognition.

 I needed to be wanted.

the healing work in my journey has always been in Jesus receiving me and accepting me and giving me a place and identity. so I can be creative and not worry about getting an “a” or even to be notice but to do what I am led to do and leave the results, if any, to Him.

this week I push the button simultaneously with my daughter as she publishes her fourth book.

thanks be to God.

on a different note, I will be in the process of starting an author’s site and will be integrating my present sites into it.