“It’s been said that “leadership is best caught not taught.” There’s of course a few lessons about leadership we can pick up from a lecture or conference. But these tend to focus on the outward aspects of leadership that get too much airtime—the methodology, the look, the 10 steps. The inward stuff of leaders, without question, must be caught. You can’t just be lectured to about humility, authenticity, brokenness, honesty, integration, wholeness. These things must be modeled. The best teachers of leadership, therefore, take their students past the classroom and invite them on a journey of discovery, where they are compelled to go deeper and explore the crevasses and caverns of their soul. These teachers can make this invitation because it’s a journey they themselves have undertaken many times. Jon Warden is preeminently this kind of teacher. He is one of the best instructors I know who actually journeys with students, and not just teach at them.” (Regarding Jon’s leading pastors on exploring their brokenness in a mentoring modular for pastors)

Dihan Lee
Associate Pastor of Grace Covenant Church
Lead Planter of Renew Church LA


“Jon’s work with the students in our chapter is analogous to an expert surgeon. He knows exactly what our students need in order to be a more healthy disciple of Jesus and knows exactly where to make the precise cuts. He lets us bleed just enough to get rid of the poison and then graciously introduces who Jesus is in a way that binds the wound and gives glory to God. He knows how to lead students into difficult places and cares enough to show students the light of Jesus. He is a fearless speaker, knowing that his words will cut deep, but knowing that the healing of Jesus is worth it. He is also thorough and accommodating, doing what is necessary in order to fulfill the call that God has given him in any given retreat or conference setting. I would highly recommend him to any group that needs to experience the deep healing of Jesus.”
HC Yang
Campus Staff Member
Northwestern University InterVarsity


Last fall (September) we invited Jon to visit our community and spend a weekend teaching material from his newly released book, “Resisting Grace”. Jon facilitated a three day retreat (Fri pm – Sun am) where he taught four times, but also made himself available for appointments on Saturday afternoon.

Jon is a creative and life-giving teacher. Sharing from deep encounters with Jesus throughout his life of suffering and struggle, Jon painted for us through visuals, through hands on exercises, through personal story and Scripture, a vivid and compelling picture of God’s grace that has left a lasting imprint on those who attended the weekend. Jon offered us helpful paradigms around words like brokenness and resistance that gave us language to talk with each other about why we struggle to experience and receive the grace of God. We are thankful for our time with Jon and highly recommend him to any community looking to grow in their understanding of God and His marvelous grace.

Joshua Koh
Congregational Pastor
Vancouver Chinese Alliance Church (Canada)