As I was running errands I drove down a modest street with just a few isolated shops. There were not any people outside that I noticed at first (it was fifteen degrees out). Then from the corner of my eyes I notice a lady who appeared to be stuck between some piles of snow at the end of a crosswalk. I pulled over and ran to her. She appeared to be a woman in her fifties, but a frail fifty-something, and pretty shaken up. I think she was there for several minutes before I came. The snow turned icy on that small section of the corner and she had fallen. As I helped her up, she found it difficult to get her feet under her and even had difficulty, it appeared, using her knees to boast herself. I was worried that she may had injured herself when she fell. She was thankful for the help. I helped her get to the dry cleaner. She was carrying some clothes to bring there. Once in the store, she appeared no worse for wear.

In the meantime she gave me several hugs of gratitude and was so relieved I was there. She told me she just had Chemotherapy and was weak. She realized she shouldn’t have tried to walk alone to the dry cleaners. I asked how she was getting back home and she told me a friend was picking her up there. I told the owners of the cleaners what had happened and they assured me they will watch over her until her friend came to pick her up.

A few more hugs from her and I left.

I was deeply moved.

Anyone of us can be in a fragile and helpless place.

And at anytime there can be a moment of deep connection.

Even with a stranger.