As I am making myself available to do retreats and conference I wanted to post some thoughts of what I have done or can do. I am hoping for opportunities. If you know of groups and churches that may be interested, please pass this on. I hope too add on video clips of past examples of my speaking. My wife, who is much more savvy at that, will be working on it.

If I did a four day conference where I lead all the sessions (given grace to do it) this is my schedule:

Morning sessions: Grace Overshadows Shame…Always
Hiding and Shame: Jesus and the Man with the Withered Hand
Deconstructing our strengths: Jesus and Peter’s ego
Beauty out of Brokenness: Jesus and Mary M’s despair
Leftover Shame: Jesus and Paul’s thorn in the flesh
(See prior post for details)

Afternoon workshops: How To Lead People Into Grace (leadership track)
1. The Power of Presence
2. Giving illumination, Stirring the Pot and Strengthening the Resolve: First three stages of Grace
3. Walking Through deconstruction, Waiting for Empowerment and Celebrating Freedom
4. Leading Out of Your Own Brokenness

Evening Sessions: Knowing What His Grace is Doing in You Right Now.
1. Stages of Grace and Transformation -the process of grace
2. Examining Resistance – the opposition toward grace
3. Experiencing Brokenness – the need for grace
4. Practicing Spiritual Disciplines – the means of grace

This model can be adapted to suit the context of where I may speak. It can act as a menu for groups to consider for their next outing. There are several other tracks I have done for more specific groups such as marriage and men’s issues but this gives a good idea of what I am passionate about and uses much of the thoughts and ideas of the book.

This is my basic bio:
Education: BA. Moody Bible Institute, MDiv. and MA. Psychology at Trinity International University
Experience: Pastoral work -15 years and Professional Counselor 24 years, Founded and Directed Asian American Christian COunseling Ministry, speaker and Author of Resisting Grace

my classic headshot:Jon_Warden