A young girl, I would guess junior high age, came up to me after my last workshop on God, what are you doing to me?. She said thank you and that she learned a lot and got a lot out of it. I asked her what did she get out of it. She responded that she lacks self-confidence and has felt defective for quite some time (how long is quite some time when you are in junior high). She liked that I spoke about God redefining her and stripping her of these broken inscriptions placed upon her. She liked that God wanted to bring beauty and power within her.

I was touched with how much she was paying attention and that she was moved by the stories I shared and by the activities I led them in. Each had started the first day with a piece of clay about the size of a one year old’s fist. I had them inscribe their broken names and told them God seeks to redefine us into a new name that comes out of the spirit of Belovedness. The next day I had them identify their compromised solutions they use in dealing with these inscribed cracks on their lives and in what ways do they wear masks to cover it. Then on the last day I had them remove the clay and find what is inside which was a little treasure chest with a white stone in it. On the stone I wrote ahead of time a specific name for each clump of clay (prayerfully I asked God to lead me in coming up with these names and that each specific clump would get to the right attendee).

So I asked her what was the name on her stone. She said “Adored”. I smiled and told her to pray that God would make that real in her life and to find confidence coming out of this reality rather than the false inscriptions that has marked her.

Walking away from that moment, my heart was so moved and reminded that God is involved in speaking into the lives of people I speak to. He goes way farther than what I can possibly do.

That is grace at work.