This email came the day before Christmas and touched me. It humbles me to think people are impacted. I thank God for the grace and privilege of writing Resisting Grace.


I just received an email from my aunt in California – the one that I sent a copy of your book to. She is a Christian…one of only a few on my dad’s side. I had to copy her thoughts of your book for you.

I’ve read the book and I love every chapter in it. I say it’s “thought-provoking” but what I find to be amazing is that, Jon’s thoughts on paper are beyond…oh, I don’t know the words to describe it…every page flows with ease from one “grace” to another. How does one begin to write on such an amazing subject?! My eyes have been opened by this book and I keep searching my mind who I could share it with…give as a gift. I believe all Christians should read it but then, again, many are not readers (so sad…sigh…). Better yet…it would be a great Bible Study.

So, note from my aunt: Get working on the companion Bible Study guide to go with the book!!!! (your next project)
Meanwhile, she will be busy thinking who she can share the book with!

Thanks so much for a thoughtful and thought-provoking book. I need to reread the entire book, as I was only able to read parts of it (had too much reading for my Masters program), when I first got it.

Merry Christmas to all! I’ll send Joelle a thank you – but I was so surprised to receive a copy of her book!!! Such a sweetie! That’s on my must read list too.