When I was first diagnosed with overlapping connective tissue disorder, I was at my worst physically, emotionally and spiritually. It was a deep time of lamenting with confusion and worry for both myself and my wife. We found an outlet to express ourselves by writing together a small storybook. It greatly helped us unpack a lot of baggage the illness brought to light.

This is taken from the book.
In writing of this children’s book, we sought to convey some profound elements of living in simple form. Loss, changes, doubts, faith and hope were parts of our own story as told through our dogs, Ume and Ototo. The dogs’ life journey, in particular Ume’s, reflects many of our family’s emotions in dealing with Jon’s illness during the first two years during and after diagnosis. In writing this story down on paper, it gave us the chance to solidify our experience and come to a greater understanding of life, of faith and of ourselves. Our hope is that the story touches some part of you – the part that knows about hard changes.
This is the second run of the book. When we first wrote this book, we were in the initial phase of living with Jon’s connective tissue disorder. We were told that life expectancy could be around five years. So much has happened. It has been over seventeen years of dealing with the struggle of chronic illness. The God of glory and grace has been with us through it all. Perhaps we will write some new stories to tell about it.
If you are interested you can get a copy on We are reprinting it for the Christmas season. Well, maybe I am reprinting it so to keep up with my daughter’s publishings. 🙂