all yours

My wife and I each lead separate women and men groups. (you can look at my old blog site to read some reflections from past groups I have done) This past forty days both have taken on the love challenge where members plan out actions of love for each day outside of group. During group time we discuss what we did and what it was like doing it. Many of the group members in both groups express how difficult it has been to keep on track each day with their plans.

The discussion regarding love actions is not the actions itself but what I identify as the Intentionality and attentionality of the love. Though anyone can take each day and just check off the task of love they set for themselves, most find it stretching them beyond a checklist. It is thinking with intentionality. I am going to do this out of love. It has helped the members remind themselves of the motives behind what they seek to do.

It is also forty days of attentionality. What I mean by that is whomever is the object for that day to pour love on, so not to merely make it a checklist activity, it requires giving full attention toward what the other desires, needs, thinks, feels and does. It is paying attention to the other, not just deciding this is what I will do to act in love toward you.

be intentional and pay attention

thats what I learned about love in these past forty days