Lot of talk about true apology and true forgiveness these days in churchland.

so this is what I think giving grace to someone who offended/wronged me means and it is just like my daughter’s fourth grade life.

One. Kids say and do things that hurt one another and are wrong and offensive.
My word to my daughter: Address it to them and give them the grace to apologize and rectify.

Two. Kids are quick to either be defensive, give an excuse or grudgingly say “I am sorry” because they want their parents off their back – and they think that should be enough. “I said I am sorry… what more do you want?” But saying it is not.
My word to my daughter: So either be gracious and accept the act even if the reality isn’t there, knowing the child is not developmentally ready to go any farther (this is hard to explain to a fourth grader) or clarify the hurt and give them another chance to apologize and rectify. That is grace again.

Three. Kids get it, express genuine remorse and desire to make things right.
My word to my daughter: I ask my daughter to give grace and forgive and let the restoration begin.

Everything I needed to know…. I told my daughter while she is in fourth grade