Just wanted to put down on the blog tweets I have done regarding resisting grace. Been a summer without blogging so I wanted something down. Should have more coming as the summer is coming to a close.

2 August
Vulnerability is the place Jesus’ grace meets us. Any other attempt toward a spiritual life is motion without reality. #bevulnerable #bereal
30 Jul
Insight comes in layers whether it be of self, the world or spiritual realities. #revealingtruth #stagesofawareness
30 Jul
grace is unreceivable to the invulnerable. #graceisthegreatestthing #bevulnerable
29 Jul
Right now I am not so much drawn to the beauty of Jesus’ perfection but toward his brokenness. #emptiedhimself
21 Jul
The remote mike was in when I went to the men’s room. #oops #igotariveroflifeflowingoutofme
21 Jul
During my sermon when I said “Grace comes in breakthroughs”, Joelle thought I said “Grace come in grapefruit.”
20 Jul
Ezekiel 28:17
Your wisdom was corrupted by your love of splendor.
19 Jul
Speaking Sunday at Parkwood Community Church. Seeking #theHolySpiritflood #graceinthewilderness
18 Jul
Aging is a process of imparting humility and glory upon us. Some get it. Others not so much. #alloflifeisonthepotterwheel
14 Jul
The route to knowing our true name is in deeply knowing His. #fallbeforethenameofjesus
12 Jul
Many around me have love ones suffering. The threat of losing them so real. Being ready – much more than an individual thing. #IWishISaid
8 Jul
Started today reading Ross Douthat’s “Bad Religion”. Anyone read it? Want to start a discussion?
4 Jul
Be vulnerable rather than invulnerable #talkingtojoy
Jon Ido Warden ‏@resistinggrace 4 Jul
They r listening for their new name. I love this stuff #gracebeingseenfavorably
4 Jul
Leading workshops all day today on stop sabatoging grace l#lightingfireworksundertheirbutts
2 Jul
Society of Protecting and Enriching Righteous Manhood- Who wants to join? #S.P.E.R.M. Wait. I have to rethink this.
1 Jul
Now where did I leave that cup of coffee #forgettinginmyfifties
28 Jun
My spirit wanted to play another hour. My flesh gave up. #shootinghoops
27 Jun
Few ask and listen. Most tell and redirect. It is an art to know another.

Jon Ido Warden ‏@resistinggrace 24 Jun
sometimes I just don’t have the words to externalize the internal #inexpressible
Jon Ido Warden ‏@resistinggrace 21 Jun
know the feeling. gave his all. when crucial he fell short. all done it-in sports and in life. hoping he finds grace. pic.twitter.com/AICRmHnWHg
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21 Jun
Ah, the memories of the past and the dreams of the future are always more glorious than their realities. So embrace the now. #livinginthenow
21 Jun
Greater flaws has the potential for greater faith. Littler flaws – potential for littler faith. No flaws – potential for no faith
14 Jun
#Forgiveness releases and reboots.
#Bitterness weighs down with baggage carried into every encounter.

10 Jun
The best type of significance is the one received not achieved. #valued #empowered #takenin
10 Jun
After a few grammatical and formatting fixes, Resisting Grace will be back on http://Amazon.com in 5 to 7 days.
9 Jun
Sometimes the work of grace within me is inexpressible and even overwhelming.
6 Jun
I don’t care about wrinkled underwear.
5 Jun
love to know your vision for your life.
5 Jun
Today my daughter starts the process of writing her 2nd book. Can’t tell too much. It’s a secret. Be out by fall. I’m writing my 2nd too.
4 Jun
“How We Love and How We Love Our Kids” by Yerkovich. Not casual reading but great guide to reflect on our stuff impacting our relationships.
1 Jun
kings and kingdoms shall all pass away #thename
30 May
only one permanent revolution-the regeneration of the inner man. all thinks of changing humanity, none of changing himself. leo tolstoy
29 May
Presence over pity #beingwithanother
28 May
what I once fought I now embrace http://wp.me/p2J5rU-5y
25 May
I wish to write not out of strategy but out of passion.
24 May
I watch my daughter continually forming who she is, what she can do and where she fits in. #joyoffatherhood
23 May
I am not the author of my life, merely the pages.
22 May
I am a broken pencil. I still have a point. I just lost my eraser.
21 May
What I got out of solitude. #iamaworkinprogress pic.twitter.com/PFGoB84oLk

21 May
Setting apart time to whittle with God #solitude

20 May
What moves you? I would love to know.
19 May
Wisdom is not smarts. It’s about character. #james3:17-18
16 May
Fearfully and wonderfully weird …just saying
14 May
Covering up shame with beauty is like spraying perfume over BO that has been around a long time.
14 May
my cultural shame #wartimesexslaves https://www.facebook.com/rgjiw
13 May
God’s primary task in our life: showing us how amazing His grace is. Then out of that amazement we cooperate with grace. Work it out.
8 May
I’m no magician but check out the video illustration on the grace exchange http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPZIILM0Glk
8 May
Was just reading renovation of the heart. Dallas Willard RIP
7 May
Grace needs inner space
5 May
“The book Resisting Grace is like spiritual therapy- a deep work to be done thoroughly not rapidly.” ~Donna Lin
3 May
This keeps “bubbling up” in my prayer and prep time. “Grace isn’t on the surface”
2 May
Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” – the great resistance to grace in today’s church and world at large. Awaken us Lord.
2 May
My Asian heritage gave me a unique perspective on reflection and prayer I am grateful for #AsianPacificHeritageMonth
1 May
He cannot ravish. He can only woo. CS Lewis
1 May
Good time bashing ideas about #ResistingGrace for teens with Vicki Tsui
30 Apr
Guilt is to mercy as shame is to grace.
30 Apr
The wisdom of God is found, not in “solving” the paradox, but entering its mystery. Brian Zahnd
29 Apr
The blessing of engaging deep with an old friend @d_corlew
27 Apr
whittling chess pieces before God – kinesthetic prayer – men go deep