So it has been a few days now since my first trip having a book table to promote my book. As I am unpacking my dirty laundry, I will attempt to unpack what the experience meant to me.

It was awkward. Going to a conference where I only new a few folks and not being a speaker of workshop leader, which I am more accustomed to, I felt out of place. The first one was a last minute opportunity and my book table was a last minute attachment at best. They were kind to let me set it up and I made a few sales but I didn’t know what to do with myself for the most part. The second conference I had a set up and a place for the books but it was definitely different. I was the only one promoting a book. Other displays were colleges and types of ministries. So initially I felt a bit square peg.

It was bonding. The few folks I did know I had the chance to make strong connections with. We caught up and talked about ways I can come to their part of the woods and speak about my book. Some talked of struggles and others talked of glory. New folks I got to talk with about the book were very interested in Grace and had writing ideas of their own. One gentleman, James Choung, spoke and led prayer in ways I thought only I did in the circle of Asian American churches. We shared a meal and found a kindred spirit between us.

It was weird. I reconnected with an acquaintance I haven’t seen in ten years names Stan Inouye who has a wife named Mary Jane and an adopted daughter named Joelle. His sister’s name is Arlene. MJ’s sister’s name is Eileen. I am stunned. I think I found my twin. Stan is about 5’4″. I am 6’2″.

It was fruitful. I didn’t sell as many books as I would have liked but as I said before, made good connections and strong possibilities for future partnership. Every person who took a book I asked to give me feedback. I hope to receive thoughtful and challenging (and encouraging) words from them.

Doing this thing of getting the book there is teaching me much, stretching me. I am learning to be bold and ask for opportunities. I am finding confidence in the Divine script that I and Resisting Grace are a part of.