Last Sunday we dedicated Resisting Grace at my home church for God’s glory and His Kingdom growth. As the pastor prayed, I was so moved and reminded that it is a object I am to steward. He prayed that the book would minister to those in need of grace (isn’t that everyone?) and that God would be honored. Sometimes I get too worried about results or the success of the book. It was a good place for me to place myself in surrender again as a living sacrifice.

Next week I will be in LA at the Asian American Intervarsity Staff conference. They will sell my book at the conference and I am looking forward to seeing some old friends there. Then I will have a booth at the Asian AMerican Leadership Conference and seek also to get the word out about Resisting Grace. I will have a video promo and a couple other videos that will be played at the booth.(you can see them on the resisting grace youtube channel-Draw on Me, Define Me, Silence) I am not speaking at these conferences, just representing. That’s a bit different for me.

Please pray that more and more people will get exposed to the book and that it will minister deeply.