Btw I’ve really enjoyed your book, Jon. I will be going thru it with one guy I am mentoring here (our youth pastor) and am contemplating what other ways I can use it. Your framework for cooperating w God is so helpful. Thanks.

Allen M.Wakabayashi Pastor @ TCBC Midtown

Just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying Resisting Grace as my devotional reading on my Metra commute to work these days. It’s been a thought and faith-provoking read and reflection that I am savoring slowly as well as catching glimpses and close-up details of your journey and that of others. Hope to be able to write an Amazon review when I am done. Have mentioned it to my small group. I am privileged and blessed to read and enjoy your Holy Spirit-inspired and powered handiwork on this end!
Most of all, I am deeply moved by what you have written. I told Al that you come from a theological M.Div. training pastorate background combined with practicing as a Christian counselor then add to that deep multicultural knowledge and experience and then, your personal journey and those you have walked alongside personally and professionally to bring these truths and concepts to light and life with poignancy and an abundance of grace! I’m also glad you are wired to think about such things conceptually and pulling it all together–as someone who is not theologically trained, I’m really glad you are pulling these various areas together to illuminate some of the hows of living by faith and grace. Today I read about breakthrough, beauty, and the grind of life. I know my Metra commute isn’t adequate time to reflect on any of the chapters so far and it will take me awhile to reflect and likely, my lifetime.
Thanks for the gift of your writing, sharing, integrating, reflecting. Beautiful handiwork, my friend and brother.

Dr. Diane L.S. Lin, Psychologist

Over the past couple days, I made it through a handful more chapters and am almost done. It really has been refreshing and insightful for me. Your writing has a great blend of being rich/in-depth/theological and also accessible and practical. I really like how you walk through the Gideon story. The progression of experiencing God’s grace through the different movements is so helpful and unique… I’ll write more when I’m finished, but it has been the best Christian book that I’ve read in a while.
It truly is a GREAT book. Thanks be to God!
Thanks for letting God use your gifts through writing this book…

Jared Ahrens, Pastor Harvest Community Church