Is that you? (yes but it is often mistaken for some body builder’s back. Ok, I lied, no one has made that mistake.)

The ball of light looks like Dragonball Z. (The light isn’t coming from my hands. It is breaking through the wall and I am attempting to resist it.)

Doesn’t Beyonce use that hand triangle sign? (that’s just how my broken down fingers form.)

That is your better side. (can’t argue with that.)

Did MJ (wife) make it? (it was my idea. My old friend Steve Hamada took the picture and made the light through the wall. My wife laid it all out.)

Are you getting your chi on? (no, I am desperating failing to let the light break in. I soon yield.)

What does it mean? (Simply that we resist the work of His grace seeking to breakthrough the walls of our resistance.)