I am building up steam setting appointments with church leaders and school professors to tell them about the book and ask for opportunities to speak. It gets a but overwhelming and it is by far a different gear than counseling or writing. My anxiety regarding failing raises it’s voice in my head. I try to ignore it, silence it but it still catches me off guard.

But God is faithful.
On 1/7/13 I put this on facebook:
The ups delivery man asked what were in the boxes that were so heavy. I told him books. He asked me what they were about and I told him briefly (my thirty second version) and gave him a copy. He goes on to tell me that his church often goes through books together and each member gets a book. He will read it, give it to his pastor and see if they might get some. He then tells me it is about 350 people. That’s a lot of books. I think God was trying to encourage me.

He reminds me it is all grace. I may fight the enemy but He defeats him. I may plant the seed but He grows them. I may knock on doors of churches and strategize my book promotions but He opens the doors.

So I continue to get the word out and trust Him for the results.