from the highly respected and rev of the west – Pastor Ken Fong.
thanks so much for your review Ken.

As an Asian American Christian and a pastor now to many Asian American Christians for more than three decades, I’ve come to identify more and more with the older brother in the story of the prodigal son (Luke 15). Like him, so many of us seem hard-wired to reject God’s grace, even years after becoming followers of Christ. Warden has managed to zero in on this core problem, addressing it from solid psychological, theological, and cultural angles. Even more important is the fact that he understands God’s solution to this problem–experienced by far more than just those from shame-based cultures. It’s recognizing that we can’t add to the worth we already have from God. That we can only surrender to God’s gifts of grace daily, and respond by sharing that grace forward. Warden takes his readers deep into the problem, but he shows them the God-designed way to experience what God alone can give us. I’ve been waiting for someone to write this book. Jon Warden is clearly the person I’ve been waiting for.

Ken Fong
Senior Pastor Evergreen Baptist Church of LA, author of Secure in God’s Embrace: Living as the Father’s Adopted Child and Pursuing the Pearl: A Comprehensive Resource for Multi-Asian Ministry