As I wait for the next (hopefully last) hard copy draft for proof reading, I wrote out the description that will be placed in the Amazon book description when released for the public.

What is Resisting Grace? It is about God working to bring about changes in our lives and we resisting it. It is about understanding what His grace is doing as well as understanding our resistance so as to learn to cooperate and experience greater works of grace. It’s about what is God trying to do in my life. It is about hearing him as He reveals, being stirred by him as He moves , resolved by him as He girds, stripped by him as He breaks, filled by him as He fuels and transformed by him as He frees. This is not in formulas of self-helps techniques but in the dynamic power of grace that only comes from intimacy with a God who works within.

The secret of true transformation is knowing and experiencing His Grace. It is knowing what it is and how it operates within us. It is experiencing it deeply in our daily lives. What hinders it is our resistance. We resist knowingly and sometimes unknowingly. Understanding what is our resistance and why we resist is the starting place to cooperating with grace and being able to do the dance of transformed living.