Resisting Grace is unlike any book I’ve encountered. Jon’s paradigm of Christian transformation – the thing many seek and yet don’t see widespread in the Church – comes from his synthesis of theory and experience. Jon pulls rich truth from his life as a minister, teacher, counselor, and father, bringing it to the page in a challenging way. This resonates with what I’ve seen in the lives of those I’ve ministered to, as well as in my own life.
Against the forces of society and human nature, Resisting Grace points us to the reality that elicits both fear and relief: God is the one who is in control. But what sets this book apart from the sea of spiritual writing on grace is what he says about how we might sabotage that work without knowing it – by mere resistance. Resisting Grace is both a breath of fresh air and a punch in the gut, and i highly recommend it to Christians everywhere.

Vicki Tsui
Editor and former Pastor