When I was in college and we were told we had to write a five page paper, it made me nervous. When it was a twenty page paper, I’d be in panic mode. “Twenty pages! That’s just cruel.” Never in my dreams did I think I could write enough to fill twenty pages. So when the publisher gave me the full page count that has been written in Resisting Grace as 290 (that includes the preface and title page, the page number is only around 265) I was in one of those moments that spoke volumes as to how I have changed. From a young man that struggled putting thoughts into words that would fill one page to an author of an entire  book. And I felt there was still more that could have been written! I fully acknowledge it is the product of a long walk that at this point has been going on over thirty-eight years. It all started the day I met the One who made the world, sustained the world and saves the world. He is the one who not only cares for the universe but also is deeply involved with those who will accept the invitation to walk with Him.
I hope you are not intimidated by the number of pages in this book but eager to understand more how He goes about working in your life. My deepest longing for Resisting Grace is that it will provide such insight for His good work in you and therefore give you hope in the journey.