As the opening day draws near, I thought I post some of the reviews these next couple weeks. Here is the first.

Fantastic book. It gave me much insight into my own spiritual journey. Don’t let the title fool you.  Resisting Grace is not only about the roadblocks we place between ourselves and God, it is about the power of His grace to overcome our resistance and transform us from within.  I have read many books on the topic of grace but this one is unique in that it delves into process of God’s grace in our lives.  With his years of experience as a Christian counselor, speaker, and discipler, Jon gives us deep insights into how God’s grace transforms the inner person all the way from the head to the heart.  Reading this book has caused me to look at my own “resistances” and look to the transcending grace that lies beyond my places of brokenness.

Dr Bob Shim
Medical Missionary Covenant World Missions