Today I kind of feel like the marathon runner who is able to see the finish line and hoping I don’t get a cramp along the last mile up the hill. The publisher’s project team for Resisting Grace is completing the layout of the whole book. We went back and forth tweeking the layout as I reviewed the mock drafts they sent me. As usual I short-sighted the amount of time needed for this process to happen. But we finally reached agreement and they went to work on the whole book. Once they got the number of pages down, I will send them the cover design (front and back). Exact page number is necessary in preparing the cover.

Now that it is so close to being made public I am scared. I looked over some of the pages and realized again how personal this is to me. I share my story in the midst of sharing my spiritual and psychological view on transformation of the soul. It is far more than a very large thesis, it is what I believe God had been leading me in whether in doing ministry to others or in His deep work of shaping my inner man.

In the book there are these call outs in the chapters. I reread one and thought, “Wow. I really place my guts out there.” I am not an exhibitionist but I have come to realize truth is passed on by honest words from the heart not carefully construed paradigms from my head.  My mind and my heart are poured into this work. That makes me feel vulnerable.

So I return again to Him who is my refuge and find comfort under His wings.

May you be honored my Savior by this modest work.

addendum: Today (11/15/12) they have sent me the finished layout. My wife is sitting down and completing the cover as I write this. Once that is sent in, they send me a hardcopy to review. Upon my approval it goes out into the world of published books.